13 Jan 2010

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election sparked controversy inside and outside Iran. The reformist movement led by Mir-Hussein Mossavi and Mahdi Karroubi had announced that the elections were biased and the conservative forces had intervened in the election process to secure the victory of Ahmadinejad.

09 Sep 2009

After the shocking bombing of the finance and foreign ministries on August 19, the Iraqi government immediately scrambled for an answer to the deadliest bombing to hit Iraq in almost 18 months. Many inside the country pointed to lax security and said it was far too easy for the attackers to drive an explosive-laden truck […]

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04 Sep 2009

When President Barack Obama first made it clear that he wanted to engage Iran in dialogue without preconditions, it sent shockwaves through conservative circles in the United States, fuelling criticism and having him labelled, by his critics, as naïve and inexperienced. But did these words actually have an effect in Iran? Some have begun to […]

The results of the 2009 Iranian presidential election did not only surprise the world, they also surprised the Iranians. For years, reform forces within Iran have broken their backs in an attempt to gain political power and influence, and it appeared that 2009 would be the year this group would receive the social and political […]